Domain Updates

Friends and family alike may have noticed a small change to my blog this weekend which has been reflected in the new header banner. I have changed domains. Now, don’t be alarmed! will still work, but you will be redirected here to Only my personal site has been updated; previous links to various incantations of will still work. My project sites are also unaffected as those reside on

So, update your bookmarks! I don’t imagine I’ll be changing any time soon, but bear in mind that it might be shifted to other uses down the road!


Writings Added and Updated

I’ve added a new navigation link and page (accessible to the right in that little box–yes, that one!) for my writings. I’m planning on posting new works over the course of the next month or two as time permits. Since most of my writing consists of snippets written as an exercise or toying with a new idea, many of my works aren’t exactly in a finished state. Thus, the real challenge is sifting through the majority for a handful of short stories that are in a reasonably finished state, revising them, editing them for the web, and posting them here.

As it stands, I have posted an epic poem written back in 2004. It’s unfinished, but if people enjoy it, I may sit down and complete it. I plan on finishing it eventually, but I do have other interests at the moment which happen to be taking priority. To that extent, the reception of my work will determine how soon I get around to working on it!



This is just a brief announcement. I am now semi-officially an alumni of New Mexico State University after much wailing and gnashing of teeth (I made that last bit up). At the very least, it’s been a tremendous relief. Read more…

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