Domain Updates

Friends and family alike may have noticed a small change to my blog this weekend which has been reflected in the new header banner. I have changed domains. Now, don’t be alarmed! will still work, but you will be redirected here to Only my personal site has been updated; previous links to various incantations of will still work. My project sites are also unaffected as those reside on

So, update your bookmarks! I don’t imagine I’ll be changing any time soon, but bear in mind that it might be shifted to other uses down the road!


Holy Crap

So Pedmont (better known as Snobal) discovered that a stupid map I put together several years ago (circa 2002) to describe very roughly where I live has made a lot of rounds on the Internet.

My evil plan is almost complete. If I can subversively bury my work throughout the world, I can control their minds! *evil cackle*