Bulldozers on Ice

For some reason, I found this video to be insanely funny. There’s just something hilarious about a huge bulldozer sliding down an icy slope as if it’s a ballet dancer of sorts.

Oh, and there’s a few minor updates to my OpenOffice.org 3 commentary.


OpenOffice.org 3

After having downloaded OOo v3.0 sometime Monday evening (I honestly don’t remember when), I finally decided to give it a go today. Surprise, surprise, it actually handles OOXML now! Read more…


University Pollsters

Something reasonably funny happened to me today on my way home from class. In fact, I hadn’t even managed to get much farther than the Corbett Center (which is only some 1,000 feet tops from the Business Complex) before I ran into a lovely poll being conducted by a handful of students. I have absolutely no idea what their intentions were, what they were polling, or even whether they were political science graduate students. Perhaps it was even a semester project for some class–who knows?

But, the look on the young woman’s face when I offered my reply to her question “Excuse me, sir, are you an Obama supporter?” was absolutely priceless. Read more…

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