Links: May 27th

I’ve been busy! As a result, I haven’t a lot of links to share this week.

However, I did run into a pretty amazing German group. They really like bagpipes–my favorite! Check out some of their performances, specifically Kalifenzorn, Caput Draconis, and Chaos.


I’ve got another link fresh from the TurboGears mailing list on metaclasses in Python and how to avoid the non-strict error.

Carlos Oliveira, PhD, has a really great series on “how to become a better programmer in 30 days.” It’s a very worthwhile read for anyone, no matter your skill level.

Updates May 28th:
This sort of worries me, but there’s a group of people re-implementing PHP in JavaScript. I wish I were kidding.

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OpenRC Upgrade

I run Gentoo on my desktop. It lives on a separate drive, and I use it from time to time whenever I have Linux-related work to do. Recently, though, the install has been feeling its age and certain things have required extensive changes to the base system (specifically new versions of device-mapper).

This post is a warning to anyone wishing to switch to baselayout-2:


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New Template

It’s that time of the year again. (Happy Memorial Day, by the way!) Nope, not to clean out the pantry! It’s that time of the year to change my layout to something a little more modern looking.

You’ll notice that my template has been updated rather significantly. I did borrow some things from the old template (namely comments, content, and the likes), so there are a few things that should be cleaned up since they don’t look all that great. But, for the time being I’d like to take a little break. This was a project I started Sunday afternoon and finished this evening, so it’s not too bad for two day’s work.

Anyway, have a look around. I haven’t tested it under IE 6, and I’m not sure I really expect it to work. Also, this design includes a few tricks that will be the subject of my next GiMP tutorial!

Stay tuned.

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