HT|Omega Striker

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The HT|Omega Striker is a really good card, and I’d recommend it to anyone who needs a modern audio device that sounds excellent and works with most major operating systems. I regret that I haven’t tested it with FreeBSD (it might not work), but if that changes, I’ll be certain to update this post.

If you have onboard audio that you’re disappointed with and plan on upgrading to Windows 7 in October, I’d highly recommend that you purchase this card now so you can have it on hand for the release. Windows XP isn’t getting any younger, and Microsoft will be cutting support. If you’re the owner of an aging SoundBlaster Live!, the Striker is a great replacement card. Plus, the Striker’s drivers seem much more stable than the Live!’s–I’ve yet to have a BSoD related to them.

There was only one sad casualty of this upgrade. My Microsoft Sidewinder 3D Pro, purchased in 1997 by my father for me as a gift, will have to be replaced. I’ve used it for 12 years and the only thing that ever broke on the device was the spring in the button #2 microswitch. No lie.

Microsoft Sidewinder 3D Pro

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