Links: May 6th

I’ve got a few things from government, health, history, and technology for you this week. Enjoy.


The British, not to be outdone by some of the proposals coming from Capitol Hill, are considering a “Google tax” targeted toward online advertisers in effort to help fund the BBC.


Feeling worn out? There might be a cure..


The Night I Met Einstein is a wonderful tale told by someone who was at the time a young man invited to an entertaining evening. The narrator of the story finds himself in what I would describe as nothing less than a humorous circumstance with none other than Dr. Albert Einstein teaching the man about–music! The individual in question is the famous journalist Jerome Weidman.


And here is a fascinating commentary on the US automotive industry.


As reported Monday, researchers broke into the Torpig botnet and their findings were quite startling.

Ars Technica also has an article (and link) to a comparative map of open source development. The article itself is about the top contributors (Spain and France), but I think the map is in and of itself rather interesting. The only nations that appear to have little influence on open source are undeveloped–which isn’t much of a surprise.


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