Links: July 29th

I haven’t had a lot of time to dig up various links. Compounding that with the fact that the aggregators I visit have been pretty dry makes for a dry LotW!


Looks like the Associated Press has done something pretty stupid. Techdirt writes that Reuters should take this as an opportunity.


Paul Graham has an interesting piece on what he calls the maker’s schedule and the manager’s schedule.


For a number of years, scientists have been rather puzzled by the human tendency to swing our arms as we walk. Anthropologists were inclined to believe it was a trait inherited from our evolutionary development. However, a new study has a surprising (but not unexpected) finding.

Food allergies are fairly commonplace in our society now. But what’s more peculiar is that a recent study reveals that such allergies might have a more geographical component than we thought.


Paul Graham writes about what he feels is wrong with the Segway. It makes for an entertaining read.

Looks like the Boeing 787 is going to have a hard time getting off the ground, if you pardon the pun. As it turns out, wing loading tests have indicated that the wings (and wing box) aren’t quite up to par in the new aircraft.


In 1957, the BBC pulled off the biggest televised hoax ever conducted by a news agency. How? By showing a “bumper” spaghetti crop grown, of course, on spaghetti trees.


I’ve linked this elsewhere, but I feel it’s important to share here as well. Scott Fisher wrote a lengthy article detailing his trip into North Korea back (I’m guessing) in 2002. The Orwellian world of the NK regime is fascinating–frightening, in fact–and well worth reading about.


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