Links: May 20th


Here’s a few tips for making your application viral by Daniel Tenner.

Programming – Updated May 22, 2009.

I was linked to a very good article on metaclasses by Gustavo N. on the TurboGears mailing list. This is definitely worth a read for Python programmers.

Science and Technology

On Saturday, Slashdot had a link to an image of the shuttle and Hubble in transition across the solar disk. What a sight!

Here’s another shot of the image taken by Thierry Legault. It’s posted on the Bad Astronomy blog by Phil Plait.

Stupid Things are Stupid

I honestly couldn’t believe it but sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. This adage is no less applicable than the case of a certain Mike Batt who was sued for producing a track of complete silence on an album of his. I’d like to see the prior art on this one.


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