Links: May 13th

I have some mostly techy links today.

Technology and Programming

There’s a fascinating discussion regarding different types of malloc()s–and how they all effectively promise the same thing!

Also in this same thread is Google’s very own TCMalloc.

Hacker News has a discussion on the “most easy to learn framework”. Be warned: Although there is some discussion about Python and Ruby frameworks, most of this is PHP-oriented. My memory compels me to recall a rather tongue-in-cheek post related to stupid PHP design practices, decisions, and general mediocrity in the language. There’s a reason I’ve started shifting away from PHP toward Python-based web application frameworks!

Microsoft has a new language in the works for parallel computing. It’s called Axum.

Simon Segal has issued a plea to all developers: Pleae don’t write unnecessarily long methods or functions. I know how he feels! I’m guilty of writing code like this, of course, but I find that my brain explodes if I have to content with stuff that is FAR TOO LONG to be useful. Please take his advice. If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, click the link and read. Then weep.

Iqbal M. Khan has an interesting piece on why you should use an ORM.


The 75% answer: For when you just don’t know enough to know what to ask. This article makes for a humorous read and raises several good points, too!

If you feel tempted to take what you can now don’t. Or why delaying gratification may be good for you.


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