Moving to WordPress

Like many other personal sites, I’ve decided to move things over to WordPress. While I have another content system in the works, personal life (speicfically university) has been keeping me busy enough to limit the time I can spend working on it. Thus, I’ve decided I may divert my efforts instead to improving Cited.

I’m intending to update part of Cited’s back-end and remove the PHP dependencies by using either mod_python or mod_wsgi. I suspect I’ll settle on the latter since the chat software really does require a fairly minimal amount of overhead. Plus, the cool thing is that I can use it to interface with the daemon that’s already running. At the very least, this will consolidate many of my efforts.

Sandstorm is probably going to continue under limited development for now, depending on how much time my classes are going to consume. So far, I’ve been spending most of my time on my history class–not that there’s anything wrong with history–but the demands of that class also take away from efforts I’d rather put into my .NET course. Admittedly, the latter is fairly easy (for me), but sometimes I’d like to spend a few days on a programming assignment just because I can and because I like to create a finished product that actually looks nice.

So, stay tuned. I’ll be moving my previous content over to WordPress in the coming days. On the plus side, this will allow me some outlet to blabber about a few things that happen to cross my mind.


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