The Korvaid (Permissions)


The Korvaid is released under a fairly restrictive Creative Commons license. You may freely distribute the epic poem so long as credit is given to me, distribution is non-commercial, and no further derivative works are created. However, you are authorized to create your own translations of this work into other natural languages, such as German, Spanish, Russian, and so forth. The same restrictions set forth by the CC license still apply; you may not create a derivative work and the translation must be both true to the original form and spirit of The Korvaid. You are, however, free to host your own translations provided you title the work as follows:

The Korvaid
An Epic Tale of the Fall of Man
by Benjamin A. Shelton
Translated by: YOUR_NAME_HERE

You may not sell the translated work and must distribute it under the same license The Korvaid is released under. If I release something to make it freely available for all, I intend for it to stay that way!


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