The Blessing and Curse of Standards

Some months back, I was playing around with software I had written to automatically decompress World of Warcraft addons, record their contents, and place them in a single zipped archive for download via our guild site. I ran into some peculiar issues with a handful of WoWAce-based addons that I eventually traced to the developer’s use (incorrectly, I might add) of Subversion externals. Oddly, the archive would behave correctly under Windows while using both the built-in Windows zip utility and 7-zip. That was when I started thinking about the blessing and curse of standards. Read more…

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Blizzard and Future MMOs?

I’ve been thinking about the possibility that Blizzard might release an MMO based upon other popular franchises of theirs in light of the enormous success World of Warcraft (WoW) has enjoyed for over four years. Sadly, it’s not going to happen, and I’ll tell you why. Read more…