Vortex III

This poem was a rewrite of the previous two incantations of “Vortex.” I had placed it in a document repository on my file server back on November 5th, 2007 where it remained forgotten and untouched for over a year and a half. Since it’s unfair for such works to go without seeing the light of day, I feel it is appropriate to share this piece.

Round in circles, turn and think;
Watch the world on quicksand sink.
Turning, spinning, no control,
Sucked inside the vortex whole.

Once inside there’s no escape,
Pulled beneathe a blackened drape–
No reprieve for who I’ve been,
Words I’ve spoken, things I’ve seen.

No forgiveness for my life,
For my struggles, for my strife.
Forge ahead or fall below?
Which to choose? I’ll never know.

Round in circles, take a stand,
Progress halted; reprimand.
Feel the currents at your feet,
A fate I choose–sure to meet.

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