The Vortex (Revised)

Copyright © 2002 Benjamin A. Shelton
This poem is based on an older work that I had written around 1999 (perhaps earlier). I particularly enjoy the tone of the first stanza, and I may consider revising it again in the future.

‘Round in circles turn and think,
Watch the world on quicksand sink.
Spinning, spinning, no control,
Sucked into the Vortex whole.

Caught inside, there’s no escape,
Twisting, folding, out of shape.
Gasping for a final breath,
The Vortex looms with certain death.

‘Round in circles, no return,
In this grave no ashes burn.
Hiding, guiding, mystery,
Vortex deep inside of me.

Caught inside, I cannot see,
Tempests will not leave me be.
Fumbling, tumbling, half asleep,
Stowed away in Vortex’ keep.

‘Round in circles, castaway,
Never see the light of day.
Fallen deeper, darker still,
Caught inside the Vortex’ will.


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