In the End of Days

Copyright © 2002 Benjamin A. Shelton
This poem was written around the same time frame as Castle Bravo (which came first, I can no longer recall) and is therefore written in roughly the same thread of thought. It’s interesting to note the ebb and flow of various themes that exist throughout much of my work.

Even in the end of days
Whereby the night splits in two
A lumbering tide of darkness
Swept away by light of day

It is brought forth by a means
Perhaps even the stormy clouds
Or of a time of hate
To shatter into pieces

As crumbling kingdoms fall
With lights extinguished bluntly
And the memorials of the proud
Shed tears of blood

For when the times are near
And the night’s end, too
New clouds will be seen unto day
With spires high and mighty

And a great clap of thunder
With Earth and Sea trembling
Shall sound from above
And fear will boil below

Like ants, there shall run many
Some for the Sea as lemmings
Others for the mountains
All swallowed by the mouth of death

The lucky are the first to be eaten
Gobbled up by the demons of man
Unleashed by the whim of evil
With souls imprinted in sand

And through this eternal night
There shall come great sorrow
Upon the hearts of many
The survivors of this peril

But even with the rising sun
No light shall shine in desolation
Mountains torn from foundation, too
Will perish in the rubble

For even in the end of days
With a night split in two
There shall be eternal darkness
Pushed upon the hearts of Man


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