Finding Night

Copyright © 2002 Benjamin A. Shelton

Through the mists of endless days
Shattered still in many ways
Caught within the many frays
Deep inside a hopeless maze.

Twisted metal, melted steel
Lost inside and cannot feel
Hell eats up the missing zeal
Caught inside this wretched wheel.

Dazed and dizzy, turn around
Twisted top so tightly wound
Pressure at an hundred pound
Loose it now without a sound.

Darkness loose and falling still
Struck with hatred, deathly ill
Find within your weakened will
Strength enough to climb the hill

Knocking, knocking at your door
Comes a darkness you abhor
Will you welcome in this sore
Swallow souls and even more?

Ride the winds and take to flight
Take to shadows far from light
Run away with all your might
Find the darkness, find your night.


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