Dream of Worlds

Copyright © 2000 Benjamin A. Shelton
This poem is part of a collection of very old poems I wrote when I was fairly young. As a result, the vocabulary and general tone of the poem may not be up to par with many of my newer works.

A dream of worlds as velvet,
And skies as bright as snow,
A world of flaring twilight,
No matter where you go.

With thoughts as soft as pillows,
And songs as calm as rain,
To find a world of comfort,
And relieved of all the pain.

To see the stars still so bright,
And shadows still so soft,
To sit and view the world so vast,
From the safety of the loft.

I breathe the air of twilight,
And twelve steps upon the ground,
To look into the midnight sky,
And realize what I’ve found.

A world of sights not vacant,
Nor ignored before the sea,
To dream and sleep but softly,
And wonder what could be.

I’ve but yet to find my day,
And follow through the dream,
To breathe the breath of wise men,
And hear the sounds of streams.

A dream of worlds as velvet,
And thoughts as crisp as snow,
To see a star as bright today,
No matter where you go.


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