Links: June 10th

It’s a slow week.

AF447 is in the news still


  • I didn’t realize that writing equality methods in Java was so difficult. Here’s an article that explains how to do it correctly.
  • Oldie but goodie: Don’t forget about Py2EXE, the utility that lets you distribute your Python application as executable binaries for Windows. This does require packaging the interpreter and any modules used, so the package size can be quite large (~2MiB for a simple application–compressed).

Random Cruft

  • I bought my mother an ION USB turntable to encode all of her 45s and 33 LPs. Dad’s got a bunch, too. As an aside, I also stumbled on an interesting thread detailing the very last (inside) track on LPs and why their quality degrades. It’s really quite interesting.

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