Assembly Guide: Thermaltake USB 2.0/eSATA Enclosure

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Almost Ready to Install

We’re almost ready to install the drive. Here’s a shot of it sitting comfortably in the enclosure. I haven’t yet connected the data and power to the drive:

Almost ready!

And here is a close up of the holding pins. Notice that the hold for their mounting screw is still about a half inch to the right.

Almost ready: Pins close up.

Now we’re ready to slide the hard disk into place. Here’s a composite image showing the hard disk’s connector as it is nudge into position over the enclosure’s SATA and power connectors:

Composite of the connection process.

With the drive connectors secured, the enclosure’s rails have now lined up for the mounting screws to be added and tightened:

Rails are lined up!

And here’s a couple of shots of me tightening the rails. Make sure not to snug them down until both screws have been tightened into place or you’ll have trouble getting the second screw in!

Tightening the screws.
Tightening the screws.

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