Links: May 20th


Here’s a few tips for making your application viral by Daniel Tenner.

Programming – Updated May 22, 2009.

I was linked to a very good article on metaclasses by Gustavo N. on the TurboGears mailing list. This is definitely worth a read for Python programmers.

Science and Technology

On Saturday, Slashdot had a link to an image of the shuttle and Hubble in transition across the solar disk. What a sight!

Here’s another shot of the image taken by Thierry Legault. It’s posted on the Bad Astronomy blog by Phil Plait.

Stupid Things are Stupid

I honestly couldn’t believe it but sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. This adage is no less applicable than the case of a certain Mike Batt who was sued for producing a track of complete silence on an album of his. I’d like to see the prior art on this one.

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GiMP’s Flame Plugin: Getting it to Work for You

If you read through part of my previous tutorial on creating light curtains in GiMP, you may be stuck on getting the flame plugin to work properly. Here’s a brief article on what you’ll need to do. Read more…

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Light Curtains/Beams in GiMP: A Tutorial

No doubt you’ve seen the Windows Vista and Windows 7 backdrops. Chances are, you’ve also wanted a fast (and cheap) way of putting something together that looks pretty similar to the originals. Plus, it makes for a great way to break up a rather blank looking background!

As it turns out, there’s a really easy way to do it. Best of all? It’s cheap. Here’s a sample that I made using the GiMP–a free, open source image manipulation program–and it looks pretty sweet:

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