easy_install Fails under Windows

I’ve seen a few questions on various Python mailing lists ranging from TurboGears to SQLite that appear to be centered around failures of easy_install under Windows. The problem generally manifests itself during the installation phase of a package with the cryptic message “not a valid archive type.” (Python supports zip, tar, gzip/bzipped tars, and so forth.) Oddly, I’ve never come across a reasonable answer!

Thankfully, this particular issue isn’t difficult to solve!
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Domain Updates

Friends and family alike may have noticed a small change to my blog this weekend which has been reflected in the new header banner. I have changed domains. Now, don’t be alarmed! zancarius.com will still work, but you will be redirected here to bashelton.com. Only my personal site has been updated; previous links to various incantations of zancarius.com will still work. My project sites are also unaffected as those reside on destrealm.org.

So, update your bookmarks! I don’t imagine I’ll be changing zancarius.com any time soon, but bear in mind that it might be shifted to other uses down the road!