Lockheed Constellation

The Lockheed Constellation was a beautiful aircraft and one of the most easily recognizable with its unmistakable triple tail. I enjoy hunting for videos of older aircraft on Youtube and was delighted to stumble across some of these. Take a look!

Tail number N749NL makes a comeback after restoration!

A Constellation takes off at night during an Australian airshow in 2003. Take a look at the flames when the engines are at full power.

Those R-3350s sure make for a smokey start-up.

“Super Constellation Flight with Aurthur Godfrey (Part 1)

“Super Constellation Flight with Aurthur Godfrey (Part 1)

Don’t those videos take you back to a different time? It seems alien to me, perhaps because this was from the generation of my parents. Things were so very different back then.


2 Responses to “Lockheed Constellation”

  • There are two things in this world that will make a man… yeah…

    1) Large Machinery
    2) Aircraft

    If you’re interested in some *really* interesting stuff, I suggest you check out alot of the (what is now) declasified, old Area51 work. I’m obsessed with that place >.> its rediculous.

    Although I can say that I don’t believe they work on reverse engineering alien spacecraft as proposed by Bob Lazaar.

  • Benjamin writes:

    That’s hilarious. Some of the stuff that goes on in classified areas is pretty fascinating. ‘Course, the conspiracy theorist nut-jobs tend to associate everything with aliens, and they certainly never stop to consider that–you know–there’s defense-related stuff going on out there. It’s important to keep that stuff secret!

    Ahh well…

    I agree about aircraft and large machinery, though I tend to be partial to big planes. There’s just something about four massive reciprocating motors plowing ahead…

    Note: Not to disparage against turbine-based engines, of course! It’s just that reciprocating engines have a special place in history. Turbo props and turbo fans/jets are both amazing power plants, but you still can’t beat the noise of an 18 cylinder radial!

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