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The Korvaid

(An Epic Tale of the Fall of Man.)

Act One

Klemnos wisest of the gods sat in silent contemplation,
weighing the words of a mother against the scale of law.
After much deliberation, he reached a conclusion with godly swiftness:
“Mother Passion whose son is king of arms,
I hear your words and your concern, but your son is no mortal–
his life cannot be ripped out from his chest with mortal tools of war.
No, it is not his fate to fall at the hands of another man–
for this Thaemnius himself has said–
but it is the fate of Sar to fall at once when Collomnus bears down upon the earthly world with all his might.
The fate of Sar must be sealed by unjust desires of the wicked prince.”

But Sarsus
whose rays sleep at night behind the heights of Termidus
awoke to hear the wrenching words foretelling the fall of his blessed city.
Up to his feet sprang Order and shouted in dismay:
“What news is this of my blessed city of the tall black gates?
Sar shall fall?
At the hands of whom,
the immortal son of Passion whose sting digs beneath the flesh?
I will not have this happen, not so long as my sacred orb burns high above the Earth,
shining down with all its might.
My flames out-burn Collomnus’ own that keeper of the moon.”

Klemnos dismissed the elder twin and rained down upon his ears a sobering truth,
“Sarvus whose name is Chaos is pulling at the reins,
though the fate of Sar was sealed long ago before breath was in your chest.
This fate cannot be bent by gods or man alike,
so ease your anger now lest Thaemnius stoke the fires of hate deep within your belly.
You will have your time for retribution,
Sarsus whose name is Order,
but not against Korvas
for it is he who shall bear the burden of the fall of man.
I am the law and with vengeance as my name
I shall not grant you pass on fate that is not yet written.”

And with these words of wisdom,
Klemnos took upon his wings the form of a great owl and swooped downward to the world of man.
With piercing speed as fast as falling stars,
the god of law rushed downward from Termidus,
over the forbidden range of Taemnos,
up the shallow valleys and over the soft green forest until he came to rest at Korvas’ side.
Shrouded by the thick black fog–
unseen by the eyes of mortal men–
Klemnos addressed Pleonus’ son:
“Korvas king of war and arms,
I’ve come from high atop Termidus deep within the heart of Taemnos’ forbidden range to bring you news.
Saelus whose heart is false is making silent plans to swoop upon your camp tonight when sleep has cradled close your mind.
He’ll grab a spear to sink deep into your chest but back the point will bend.
Fright will grip his heart and to the guards he’ll run.
He shall deceive them–
convince them of his lie–
and they will swarm around your tent with pointed steel.

“And to your feet you shall rise with your sacred sword in hand.
Hold close its cold and deadly blade and no man will move to touch your hide.
Saelus will go mad,
bellowing commands to whisk away your life,
but far from the guards he shall stand–
near the gates, in fact–
until you make your move.
Then the wicked prince will flee as fast as his legs will carry him;
down through the soft green forests and up the shallow pass he will run with only fear nipping at his ankles.

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