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Finished Database

Here is the newest version of the database I had available. I know I had the actual version we turned in somewhere, but it appears it was on my virtual Windows XP install (I was working under Gentoo Linux at the time) which I can no longer boot since I inadvertently removed some supporting snapshots while transferring my Gentoo install to another disk. Here is the most recent version I have available; if I find a backed up version newer than this, I will post it:

Download the KITS project database (MS Access .mdb).

Be aware that this is a scrubbed version of the database. It contains a limited amount of sample data and any identifying information has been removed.

Download the KITS Project documentation (PDF).
Download the KITS Project documentation ( ODT; this is the source document).


Scripts that were used to migrate the database are linked below:

Converter – This script was used to strip out and convert species categories (invertebrate, plant, animal) from their residency (spring blooming, breeds on Fort Bliss, and so forth). Why this information was incorrectly concatenated is unknown to me, but we needed to strip it out and separate it.
Mappings – This text file was used to map species categories and residencies into different tables.
Processor – This script was designed to process input CSV files, parse them, split them up where necessary, and remap their IDs into something more useful. The output was directed into another series of CSVs which would then be imported back into our new database.
Observation Processor – This script may have been a temporary one used only for processing observations. I really don’t remember!

To be frank, it’s been over a year as of this writing since I last looked at the scripts I used to modify our data. I recall using the converter to pull out species residency and categories while mapping them to the correct values (there were few values, so we created those tables by hand). Unfortunately, I don’t recall which of the processors I used; I seem to have some indication that I used both and the data that still remains in my Python projects directory supports this theory. If I were a little more interested in perusing these scripts, I’m sure I could easily remember which was responsible for what!

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